SEO Dies At The End

I’m reading John Dies At The End right now. I can’t get enough of it. It’s hilarious, witty, and well written. It is also a major motion picture. And has probably made the author well over $500,000 in profit. And he didn’t have to build a single link to make that money. What’s the connection… Continue reading

Monday Rant

#1. I love my clients/customers. I really do. #2. I love when you guys contact me to ask for advice/tips. It is truly flattering and motivates me to work even harder. But… Please, please, please stop asking me this question: “What is the minimum I have to do to make X amount of dollars?” Please…. Continue reading

The Death Meditation And Business

Someday, I am going to put together a stand-up comic routine and sign up for an open mic night. Someday. I’m too nervous now to do it. In the meantime, I just read books like “The Hidden Tools Of Comedy” and scratch out jokes on a napkin or something. Anyways, today I was reading and… Continue reading

Garbage, Garbage, Garbage

Since it’s Monday, and your inbox is about to get hammered with the newest money suck of the week, I wanted to impart some wisdom (the kind that you can only get by losing a TON of money first) to help keep you on track for reaching success: Garbage in. Garbage out. That’s it. When… Continue reading