About Me


I was in a David Bowie cover band in high school. I used to steal Goosebumps books from my elementary school teacher’s corner library and keep them hidden in my desk. Then at the end of the year, I’d sneak them back without anyone being the wiser. One time, I fought wildland fire in a little town called Eagle, Alaska. I used to work as a hired gun of the copywriting variety. I once wrote over 1,000,000 words of sales copy in 10 months. Then I stopped wanting to make deer urine supplement manufacturers money. So I started writing fiction under pen names. Somehow I make a living at it.


  • My wife and newborn son.
  • Seeing how far I can run until I start panicking that maybe I went too far this time.
  • Being at the library – something which sadly, hasn’t been happening very often lately.
  • Being a teacher. I did it once professionally at a high school teaching math. Now I do it online as a business mentor teaching people how to turn passion into paychecks.
  • Food carts.
  • Watching reruns of funny shows with my wife on Hulu.
  • The Philippines, Filipinos (and Pinays) and working with them on a daily basis! I lived there for two years and I miss it almost everyday!


  • Waking up early… at all.
  • Arrogant people. The world is awfully large to be thinking that you or I are something worth walking over others about.
  • My current desk chair. I am pretty sure I am going to be making some chiropractor very rich in the very near future because of the chair I am currently using.
  • Not trying. Give me massive failures all day long, but the second you tell me I can’t try something because of [enter lame excuse here] I turn into a stubborn mule and I am no fun to be around at all.
  • Having a business partner. Honestly, it is probably because I am an arrogant person (see above) but I have never done well with business partners. I always seem to attract the “dreamers” as partners when true entrepreneurship is about the “doer”.