SEO Dies At The End

I’m reading John Dies At The End right now.

I can’t get enough of it. It’s hilarious, witty, and well written.

It is also a major motion picture.

And has probably made the author well over $500,000 in profit.

And he didn’t have to build a single link to make that money.

What’s the connection here?

It’s this:

John Dies In The End was first published online as a fan-fic sort of piece.

People started loving it so much that they started sharing it with their friends.

It went viral.

It got published by a trad publishing company.

Then the author was contacted via email by the Horror Great Don Coscarelli.

And Don Coscarelli used media buys and investors to make and sell the movie.

No links were built on purpose in the making of this film.

My point is, SEO ain’t that great.

It didn’t sell any books. It didn’t put people’s butts in seats at the theatre.

Facebook ads aren’t that great either.

Direct Mail isn’t much to gawk at.

Social Media is overrated.

In the end, all of these things wither away and die.

Google slaps.

Ad prices skyrocket to unprofitable levels.

The invention of the Internet happens.

Social Whoring finally becoming an unacceptable practice by a modern, rationally thinking society.

Whatever it is, it all goes to crap eventually.

Except for your idea.

Your idea is what lasts.

Your idea is The Thing.

Your idea is what get’s people to buy.

It was the idea, the story itself that got peoples’ butt’s in seats.

Everything else was and is just packaging.

And speaking of packaging…

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To your success,