How To Make Info Marketing Suck Less: 10 Ways To Add Continuity Income To Your Business

What if your income DIDN’T rely on unpredictable product launches? Like, what if, maybe you could, sort of, I don’t know… build a truly steady and predictable source of income? As in, you could know exactly how much money was coming into your business next month. That’s no pipedream my friends… it’s simply continuity income…. Continue reading

Psychology and Writing: Creating Real Life Characters Using Psychology Based Character Arcs

Mike Says: This is an AMAZINGLY insightful guest post from writer, poet and blogger Kelsey J. Mills on the finer points of character development. I highly recommend you absorb this post – it’s real value comes from the underlying connections between creating “real” characters and your own inner psychology.  Truth be told, I’m not a fan… Continue reading

How To Write Honestly

In the beginning, middle and end of every writer’s career there is a two headed dragon that must be slain. This nasty beast goes by several names: “Writing Style” “Effective Prose” and even worse… “Better writing” To defeat the dragon and salvage any type of writing career you must first realize its true identity, only… Continue reading