“Trash That Ad” Episode 1: Mega New York Misses And A Sci-Fi Victory For The Masses


I’ve been wanting to do this for a loooonnnggg time…

And it’s finally done!

In today’s episode of “Trash That Ad” we’ll discuss:

+ How to find the emotional angle that the multi-$1,000,000,000/year industry completely missed… on one of the most expensive ad spends I can think of…

+ Why I use the “Re-frame & Remind” opener in as many emails as I can… and see how this Sci-Fi magazine used it to get me to give them ANOTHER $94.97 without even thinking (you should be using this strategy to increase your current revenue)

+ How to create TRULY great promises in copy – the kind of promises that create TRUST not DOUBT – and see how the NY Times completely botched it

+ Why my FB ads feature women looking down their chests and how this new research hospital used the same tactic to increase response… (and it’s not what you think)

+ The moral dilemma of selling “hard” even when what you sell some might consider “sensitive stuff”…

+ And much, much more…

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P.S. Sorry for the length.

I tried to keep it at 10 mins… it ballooned into 20. Please let me know what you thought of the episode (Should I make it shorter? Should I just do one piece at a time instead of 3?) on my Facebook page here > Freelance Copywriter Mike Facebook Page

I want to make this little series as helpful as I possibly can for you and your feedback is critical to making that happen.