Gordon Ramsey Would Love This. The NY Times Is Gonna Hate Me For This.

Or maybe they’ll hire me. Who knows.

Either way, I’m just giddy with excitement.

Tomorrow is the very first episode of “Trash That Ad”.

You know what that means right?

We’re going “under the hood” of the latest, hottest, highest converting direct response pieces…

You’ll see the layout, positioning, the ad copy, where it was mailed, how it got to my place, and more…

And we’re going to tear them apart to find out WHY they are working.

But the coolest part is…

It’s gonna be recorded live, it’s gonna be quick, and it’s gonna be jam packed with copy knowledge.

Tomorrow’s show features 3 pieces from this past week:

+ 1 Ethically Questionable Native Ad From The NY Times Selling $138,000 Per Person Services

+ One Upsell Mailer Also From The NY Times That Is So Poorly Written I Gagged A Little When I Read It And Laughed Aloud With Friends When I Showed It To Them

+ One Re-Up Mailer From Asimov’s Science Fiction So Solid In Copywriting Fundementals You Would’ve Thought The Hand Of Copywriting God Joseph Sugarman Had Reached Down And Blessed The Mailer With His Own Genius


+ You’ll learn how the NY Times missed a HUGE oppourtunity in closing more sales by completely ignoring this simple, foundational piece of copywriting craft

+ We’ll discuss the ethical “grey” area of using emotional pain points to prey on the weak AND you’ll see a multi-billion dollar company completely miss the mark

+ We’ll talk upsells, keeping a subscription alive, and native advertising and more…

And you’ll get to enjoy all of this from the comfort of your own home (pants optional).

Price Of Admission?

Less than 10 minutes of your time.

You give me 10 minutes, I’ll show you how the big boys and girls are landing millions of dollars in revenue using ink and paper.

That’s right.

This is gonna be kurt, to the point, and info packed.

No more mindless rambling.

No more 5,000 word blog post reading.

Just plug in for 10 minutes and let me download some copy wisdom into your ole’ thinking muscle.

And the best part is…

This is just Episode 1.

I’ll send you another email tomorrow when I post the video.

To your success,