I’d Rather Be This Than Good

Stephen King is the man.


He become one of the richest men in the world by simply writing his ideas down on paper.

No employees.

No angel investors.

Didn’t even need to rent an office.

That is hustle on a genius level.

But here’s the thing…

His ideas aren’t that great. They aren’t that original. They aren’t “life-changing”. They aren’t really even “trendy”.

What sets Stephen King apart is the same thing that doubled my revenue this past month:

Being prolific.

That dude writes a TON.

Have you ever seen one of his books? They make great stepladders.

Any puts one of those out every three months!

And that’s why he makes $40 million a year (in a slow year).

And it works in business too.

You see, the only thing DIFFERENT I did this past month to generate twice the revenue was send you an email every single day. That’s it.

I became a prolific email marketer.

I pitched something to you every single day.

Every single day I sat down and had the chance to think about, reframe, and execute the simple act of selling my services or my brand or my name or whatever via email.

You see, when you choose the prolific business model, you rely less on luck.

I myself have never been that lucky. When I go fishing, I bring more than one pole.

And you should too.

Whatever you do, do it more. Do the same thing over, and over, and over again.

Do you know the difference between a telemarketer who make six figures a year and a telemarketer who can’t pay rent?

The telemarketer who makes six figures a year stays at one place, makes his calls every day, and does it again and again and again.

The other guy keeps quitting.

Being prolific puts you in control.

Take my copywriting service for example:

Since February I’ve written for over 400 clients.

I bet I’ve written more sales pages in the past eight months than some of the household copywriter names have in their entire career.

And that means something.

What, in your business, could you be doing MORE of? What parts of your business can you get prolific in?

What can you decide today to do every day?

Think about it.

Then do it.

To your success,