How To Run A Business Without Begging The “Seven Figure Marketing Bros” (Step 1)

To me begging = lack of freedom.

Freedom is being able to do what you want, when you want, how you want.

It means working with who you want and how you want.

It means calling the shots.

And you just can’t do that with JV traffic.

Not fully.

So, here’s how to ditch the circle-jerk of the JV traffic world and create true freedom for your business:

Step #1. Consult Your Dream Customer

Sounds new age right?

But how many times have you interviewed your dream customer to find out what they want to buy? To find out their problems? To find out what they NEED?

My guess is that you’ve done it less than 3 times.

Maybe less than once.

And this is why good people like you get sucked into the JV traffic trap.

You create products based on what? What gets mailed?

I hope not. For your sake.

What gets mailed is hardly EVER what you customers/prospects need.

Think about this:

Remember when Facebook marketing information products first started making the rounds? What was the CRITICAL piece to 90% of those products?

Scraping UIDs.

What happens if you scrape UIDs now?

You get banned from Facebook.

And yet people were mailing the CRAP out of UID scraping products. Big names. Small names. Whatever.

And why was that?

Because people knew this stuff converted. It got good EPCs.

Yet, nobody asked the customers what they wanted.

(hint: Customer don’t want to get their Facebook accounts banned… they want a real, sustainable business to operate if you are in the IM space)

See the difference?

And this is why it is so damn hard to get OUT of the JV traffic rat race.

Because when you burn your list with crap products that make people worse off (like getting their accounts banned etc.) you have to mail even HARDER to appease your list/make any money.

The first step to getting out of the JV traffic rat race is to GET OUT OF THE JV TRAFFIC RAT RACE and start creating customer-centric products and services.

Stop trying to please the list owners and start trying to please your customers.

In tomorrow’s email I am going to show you exactly how to do just that. And by Thursday you’ll be able to put it all together using the same exact business move that grew Nike into a worldwide brand, saved BP from bankruptcy after destroying most of the Gulf region, and puts 99% of politicians into office.

Stay tuned.

To your success,