You Aren’t “Free” If You Have To Kiss Butts For A Living…

JV traffic is the worst.

I’m sorry to say it, but I’m not a fan.

Here’s why:

The Typical JV Traffic Circle Of Life

Step 1. Create An Offer Other Vendors Will Mail

Notice how I didn’t say “Create An Offer Your Customers Need”.

With JV traffic there is a difference.

And it’s no good for your customers.

Don’t believe me?

Take a peak at the threads of big time product launchers. Read what customers are saying.

Why do you think everyone is moving to self-hosted launches?

(Hint: Nobody can bad mouth the product and kill conversions on pages that don’t have comment sections…)

Step 2. Beg Affiliates To Mail

Typically this begging includes making future promises. Promises like:

“Yes, I WILL mail that product you haven’t yet finished next week.”

“Yes, I WILL send an email to my list every Friday promoting your podcast about how to scam small businesses into buying services I myself wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole.”

“Yes, you can have my dog.”

Or worse, it requires begging people you don’t morally/ethically/personally align with to promote your product because… who else is gonna mail for you?

It’s just business right? Right guys? Right?

Step 3. Make Good On All Your Promises Or Kiss Your Own Butt Goodbye

Remember that guy you said you were gonna mail for back when you launched your product 5 months ago?

He’s back! And he wants you to “push hard” for him.

And no… it doesn’t matter that his product is clearly a scam.

You promised.

And if you don’t mail he’s gonna tell every one of his “seven figure marketer friends” that you don’t mail and “you’ll never get anyone to promote your stuff again.”

Are you seeing a theme here?

JV Traffic = Butt Kissing By The Truck Load

Epic levels of kissing that sweet and saucy marketer behind.

So much kissing of the darriere you need to bring 3 tubes of chap stick just to get people to look at your JV page.

I dare say…

High School levels of butt kissing.

Gag me.

You see, I did the whole JV traffic thing for a while (like 15 months worth) and I Hated. Every. Single. Moment.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t get into this online stuff so I could be chained against the wall by the “ole boys club”. I didn’t enjoy High School all that much the first time around… living it as an adult was like a groundhog’s day nightmare come true.

Kissing butt was the whole reason I left my previous career to pursue working for MYSELF.

I got into this online stuff so I could create FREEDOM for myself and my family.




And emotionally.

Fast forward ANOTHER 12 months and I’ve achieved just that.

It wasn’t an overnight thing, and it wasn’t easy, but (pun intended)…

I work with WHO I want to work with.

I make WHAT I want to make (I can turn it on and off like a tap).

I hang out with those people that I admire, respect, and aspire to be like.

And to be honest, it hardly ever feels like work.

So, how did I do it?

How did I replace the “pulling power” of JV traffic?

Is that even possible?

Well, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow’s email to find out 🙂

Be sure to open tomorrow’s email because I’m gonna give you perhaps the most freeing advice you’ve ever received.

Once I implemented this ALL IMPORTANT piece of business wisdom, I took COMPLETE control over my business, my finances, and my life.

And that isn’t just some line to get you to buy something either. There is no info product at the end of this my friends.

You master this one simple aspect of marketing and you write your own check.

No more butt kissing.


I promise.

If freedom is why you got into this, then check your inbox for my email tomorrow.

To your success,