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It is time again for another epic Mikeshreeve.com money-making post.

In this post I am going to share with you how to learn SEO, make money, build connections AND build a list while keeping your day job, having time to work on dream projects and STILL be able to watch the next episode of New Girl (because I know you love that show).

Some may love this post. Some may hate it. Some may want to troll this post with “theories”.

Either way, what you are about to read works – and you can test it tonight if you want (I will show you how).


Here we go:

Start At The Beginning

In the beginning there was the word. Literally.

The internet used to be just words. You could keyword stuff your way to the top and didn’t have to think twice about it.

Now, we have multiple media delivery solutions.

In other words – it isn’t just about words anymore. SEO is complex. The web is littered with terrible advice on how to rank and what to do with your SEO.

Luckily for us, Video is still stuck in the dark ages.

And that is a good thing (especially for readers of this blog – because it means I can show you more ways to cash in).

One of the most powerful tools in the IMers toolchest right now is video.

Video ranks.

Video engages.

Video is easy to make.

Video is FAST and EASY.

How We Are Use Video To Make Some Fast And Easy Money?

We will be utilizing video to rank quickly, make some quick sales and then move on to the next product. In the process we will be getting commissions and building our list.

You may have heard the term “launch jacking” before. Well, this is it.

Does it work?

Here are the results of a recent launch I “jacked”:


As you can see I made a little over $240.00 and this was made something like 2 weeks ago (so yes, it still works).

It took 2 hours to set up and do and added 22 people to my email list.

Not bad for 2 hours of work.

I am going to show you how to do this – no holds barred style.

Step 1 – Accounts And Products

The first thing that we need to do is find some stuff to sell. The way that we do that is to go here:




These are called “launch boards” and they are just simply places where product creators will list their upcoming product to attract affiliates to promote their products for them.

We just want to take a quick look through there and find a few upcoming “launches”. I recommend that you find some products that look fascinating to you because you will be researching them, writing about them and ultimately talking a bit about them.

Once you have selected your products the next thing that you want to do is jump to their JV page (you do this by simply clicking on the listing) and grabbing your affiliate links.

Affiliate links are simply the tracking links that you will be sending people to so that you can get your hard earned commission.

In most cases, the affilaite links are run through 1 of two major software platforms – JvZoo or Warrior+. You will need to sign up for those accounts (free).



Now that you have grabbed your affiliate links and your accounts are all set up we can move on to the next phase of this money making strategy – the review!

The Review

The reason that this system works is because product creators generate a TON of traffic when they launch their products. The bigger and more well known the product creator the better for you. When they sound out their emails to promote their products or their friends’ products they can generate thousands of hits on a single page – many products launches have shut down servers because there was so much traffic.

We are going to capitalize on this.


Because for ALL that traffic, there are “smart” buyers. People who will go to the landing page, read the copy, read the reviews and then go do some more online research to see what people are saying about the product itself.

This is where you come in. 

You don’t have to be an IM guru (as a matter of fact, the less “guru” you are the better for this). You just have to be honest, straightforward and kind.

You will be reviewing the product and sharing that review with others. Combined with some simple SEO you will be able to capture some of that traffic and people will then purchase through your affiliate link – and bam you will get a commission.

But Mike – Is This Ethical? 

I can’t think of anything MORE ethical than offering honest reviews and in exchange for that honest review the grateful party purchases through your link.

What ISN’T ethical is when people are OBVIOUSLY not giving an honest review but instead are trying to SELL the product by offering a “review”. That is dumb. Don’t do that.

So how do you review a product that hasn’t even been launched yet?  

Easy – you ask for it.

On the JV page there are often links to contact information of the product seller. All you have to do is send them a message, email, skype chat, whatever and ask for a review copy of their product.

Sometimes they will say no, and sometimes they will say yes. Product creators who know the value of affiliates say yes. Product creators who are selfish say no. Only work with product creators who know how to work with affiliates.

Now we have our accounts set up, we have our affiliate links and we have our product ready to review.

What is next?

Getting Traffic To Our Links

All we need now is some traffic. But we don’t want just ANY old kind of traffic. We need traffic that will convert, so we need to optimize our web properties (I will show you exactly which kinds of web properties here in a second) for the following:

product name review

product name scam

product name bonus

That is it. Again, we don’t need to over complicate things, we just need to optimize for a few simple keywords and we are off to the races.

Setting Up The Properties

I recommend setting up three separate properties (and I will show you my properties so you can look for yourself). That is all, no more and no less. I will show you exactly how I did it myself and then you can go do it yourself as well!

First Property – The Video

Here is the video that I made ->



You can see how simple and honest and straightforward this video is. You don’t have to be salesly, you don’t have to trick people, just tell them what they would get if they purchased the product and what you think about it.

Next, you want to optimize your video to rank up top of Google. This is actually SUPER easy – but it does take a few steps. I have several courses on how to rank videos – just comment below and I would be happy to share them with you.

Once you have your video ranking (should only take a few quick minutes once you publish it following the methods I describe in the guide) we can move on to the next property.

Wait! Do we put our affiliate link in the description of the video? 

No. I will show you where and how to link in a second. Let’s just get the properties up first.

Second Property – Squidoo

This is an important one – Squidoo STILL ranks quickly, easily and without backlinks for keywords like we are trying to go for. So, we need to put a squidoo lens up.

What should we put in the lens?

All the same stuff you find in this one -> http://www.squidoo.com/half-a-million-dollar-case-study-review

Pro Tip: I like to add some related amazon links – with this particular promo I ended up making an extra $10 in amazon commissions because people clicked through and bought something. Not a ton of money, but an extra $10 ain’t bad either.

Third And Final Property – The Bonus Page

Most people fail at launch jacking because they fail to offer bonuses. If you want to make money with launch jacking, offer bonuses. You can see that I was offering a free Kindle. You don’t have to do this – it ended up costing me about $80 when it was all said and done with shipping etc. – next time I think I will just use the regular bonuses.

What happens if you don’t have any bonuses to give?

Ask the product creator. They should have PLENTY.

Again, if they don’t have any, you probably shouldn’t be working with them. They obviously don’t know how to attract affiliates which means there won’t be that much traffic which means you won’t make that many sales.

Let’s show you this third and final piece of the pie and then let you in on some longer term secrets:

The only things that this page needs to have is your affiliate link, a video and your bonuses.

How you deliver those bonuses is up to you – but we use Bonuspress (here is my bonus page – http://offlinecashintime.com/half-a-million-dollar-case-study-bonus-review/).

How To Link It All Together For Maximum SEO Awesomeness

The last thing that you need to do is link everything together. The way that we do this is to utilize Youtube and Squidoo Google love to boost our landing page.

We put links from Squidoo and within the description box of Youtube to point back to our bonus landing page.

That is it! The juice from those two sites will shoot our stuff right up to the top!

Just take a look at the keywords:

half a million dollar case study bonus

half a million dollar case study review

and even

half a million dollar case study scam

and you will see all of my properties listed.

We still get the occasional sales and traffic from those listing.


If you are looking for more evergreen niches to bust your SEO chops on – head over to Clickbank and do this EXACT same process for products over there.

The thing about clickbank products though is that they typically have “soft” launches so the traffic spike isn’t as noticeable as it might be from the WSO launches. That is ok though because these products are typically more evergreen.

That is all folks! This is a fun way to make a few bucks and learn the ins and outs and most importantly the “feel” of SEO.

Try it for yourself – right now.

To your success!




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  1. Salvador Posada

    Thank you for sharing this strategy, Mike.
    It’s very powerful and I could easily see it becoming a successful WSO if you went that route, but to just share it like this is just very generous of you.

    Wishing you well-deserved continued success,

    Salvador Posada

  2. ben lomeli

    Thanks… I am a TOTAL novise when it comes to internet, web, stuff — learning as fast as I can. any help is welcome.

    I appreciate 100% your blog. Please add me to your email list.

    Ben Lomeli

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