Emergency Cash Solution – Part 2

Are you excited?

You should be! This post is going to teach you how to close clients like you have been selling for the past twenty years!

Let’s do this.

Part 2 – Closing The Sale

Yesterday (Emergency Cash Solution – Part 1) we talked about how to get leads using email prospecting. Now, we are going to talk about how to turn those leads into paying clients, using a few different strategies.

I am going to offer these different strategies in the hope that you choose JUST ONE. Don’t try and do all of them at once, just pick one.

I believe that we each have our own individual style of selling.

Some of us are consultant type sales people. We like to work with individuals for a while offering many different solutions before closing the deal.

Some of us are born closers. We get in and we get out.

And some of us are the type of salespeople that spend loads of energy becoming friends with the prospect before we close the deal.

All of these are good. Different business owners will respond differently to each and everyone of these styles.

Don’t stress out if you don’t feel like you are a closer.

Don’t feel bad if you just want to get in and get out and could care less if the clients are your friend or not.

We need all types of sales styles because there are ALL types of business owners out there. And if you learn nothing else from this post, remember this:


So, be yourself and I will give you the tiny tweaks and tricks to get you selling in no time.

Closing The Deal Path #1

Who This Path Is For:

This is a great way to close clients if you consider yourself a consultant type sales person. If you don’t mind answering questions and helping people before they give you their money.

This method spends the most time educating the prospect upfront, it is a great way to show authority and even get a few referrals out the backend.

Here is how you set it up:

In the emails that you send out, don’t link to your website, link to a landing page.

The purpose of this landing page is to collect contact information for you to then pounce and make your sale.

In other words, when the prospect opens your prospecting email, you say something like this:

“Please click this link to redeem your free 15 page guide on ranking in Google overnight”

Or whatever your freebie is going to be.

People who click through the link will want to pick up their free whatever and *BAM* now you have their contact information (email – but I would also ask for a phone number if I were you).

I am assuming that you already know how to set up the autoresponder and everything – and I am not going to go into detail in THIS post about how to set up an awesome autoresponder series that will have the client calling YOU, but you get the general idea.

Here is how you close:

Let’s say that you now have the clients contact information that they submitted to redeem the freebie.

If you are using this method – DON’T WAIT TO CONTACT.

Again, this method is for people who aren’t afraid to help first.

You don’t have to call them (though things will move MUCH more quickly if you do) you just have to send a quick, personalized follow-up email asking to set up a consultation appointment.

You can run a quick SEO report on their site using this site – http://www.freeseoreport.com/ – and email that to them as well (we will talk more about building “Favor Capital” more in depth in another post, but for now you can read this one -> http://www.mikeshreeve.com/how-to-start-a-cult-a-guide-to-launching-your-business-into-overdrive/).

This is the point where most WSOs and “how to make money selling services to offliners” stops. They show you the technique but they completely ignore the most important part – TALKING TO THE PROSPECT!

Let’s talk about talking right now.

What To Say:

Hopefully the freebie that you give away (video course, PDF, Free SEO report, whatever) was a good mix of complexity and simpleness.

In other words, you want your prospects to pick up your freebie, have a few questions answered and then have a whole bunch more questions come flooding to their mind. Why?

It turns you into an instant authority (a Guru) as you are able to answer their questions, but more importantly it gets you out of the way of yourself in the selling process.

The worst sales people in the world are the ones that talk first and listen second.

The best sales people in the world are listeners.

Want to know what to say for closing with this method?

“Hi Mr. Plumber, 

I just wanted to follow up and see if you had any questions regarding the PDF that you downloaded the other day. 



You won’t get a response every time. But when you do, the deal is basically done.

Try to keep your email conversations to less than 5 total emails – pick up the phone beyond that. Each time you answer a question make your service appear to be the solution.

For example, perhaps the response of Mr. Plumber is:

“Hi Mike, 

Thanks for your message. I do have a question.

How do I go about researching the right keywords?


Mr. Plumber”

Then you would reply:

“Hi Mr. Plumber, 

Great question!

Keyword research is actually pretty complex and one of the parts of SEO that is the most easy to mess up on. If you don’t pick the right words you could potentially lose a ton of time and money. 

We actually have excellent keyword research experience and I would love to help you with your research to get you started off on the right foot. 



That’s it.

If you feel like they are dragging their feet then you can try some advanced sales tactics like saying,

“If you buy in the next week I will give you a free website design.”


“We only have 2 spots left at this price.”

etc. (more on that in another post)

Later in this post I will share with you my #1 closer method – the single sentence that can turn any sales person into a sales superstar. But first, lets look at another sales method.

Closing The Deal Path #2

Who This Path Is For: 

This is the path for closers, presenters and people who aren’t afraid to get out there. This path requires running a webinar. This path requires asking for the sale at the end of the webinar (in other words only 1 hour AFTER you have just met these people) but this path is also the quickest to cash, the easiest to do once you get it and the most lucrative for those reasons.

I will also show you a few little secrets that you can use and set up today to make this even EASIER.

Here is how you set it up:

Here is what you are going to need:

– A Webinar

– A Place To Run Your Webinar

– A Landing Page To Take Payments

Let’s take a quick look at how to set all of these up:

The Webinar

Webinar Path #1

You could do each and every webinar live. This means that you show up and run through the presentation live with your audience.

If you decide to use this method, then you will need to at the very least create a powerpoint slide show and do some type of script outlining. You don’t need to read word for word on your script, you just need to have a general flow.

We will talk more about that later in this post.

Webinar Path #2

If you don’t feel confident, or you want to cut down on the time it would take to create your own webinar then I recommend getting some Webinar PLR. The best that I have seen so far (and have recommended before) are these ones:

Offline Webinar Autopilot

I like these webinars for a few reasons.

First, they offer more than JUST the SEO presentation. In other words, when we get to part three and I show you how to leverage this emergency cash solution into a 6 figure business, you will already have the webinars ready to rock and roll.

Second, they offer the email follow up series which is REALLY important for running webinars.

A Place To Run Your Webinar

Running A Webinar Path #1

The first place I would recommend would be GoToWebinar. I love them. They are expensive, but you can get such good quality reception and connection.

Running A Webinar Path #2

Not everyone has the cash to spend on something like GoToWebinar so I would recommend singing up for free with anymeeting.com. They really aren’t that much different than GoToWebinar except that they do run ads and the reception isn’t as good as you might hope – but you get what you pay for I suppose.

Running A Webinar Path #3

This is one of the secret sauce secrets to webinar success. Eventually you want to get to a point where you are holding multiple webinars in a single day. If you are giving the presentations and running each of those webinars you are basically just going to be giving webinars for a living. You will be exhausted  it will show and your webinars will start to have diminishing returns.

One thing that we have started doing (because I have been cutting back on staff I am requiring more of those that remain and this is what we started doing with GREAT success). Instead of having my sales people run 3 and 4 webinars a day themselves, we have hooked them up to auto-webinars.

Now, you need a special service to run automated webinars, but essentially what happens is that you have pre-recorded webinars running all the time and you just pop in for the beginning and the end of the webinar to intro and take questions.

It sounds complicated, but the software makes it really easy.

If you are interested in following this path, then I recommend doing this:

Grab the Offline Webinar Autopilot Webinars OR pre-record your own webinars and then use the software that we are using which is Strong Webinar.

This isn’t a cheap solution by any stretch of the imagination. But good ones never are. You could (as we do) have an automated system to close clients – one in which you have to be involved very little – if at all.

A Landing Page To Take Payments

This is the most important part of the webinar path of closing sales.

All you have to do is set up a page with a buy button. That is it.

You don’t have to have fancy copywriting. You don’t have to have a fancy design or layout, just slap up a paypal subscription button on a landing page that says:

“Pay Here”

And in the webinar, when it is time to reveal your service, then you simply give the webinar attendees the link to your payment page (and tell them that is what you are giving them).

There really is no need to make this part complicated. Sure, you could use JvZoo or Nanacast or some other payment processor, but Paypal Subscriptions works just as well.

(Click Here To Learn How To Set Up A Paypal Subscription Button)

What To Say:

Great webinars sell really well. You can make a lot of money very quickly on a good webinar. I mean A LOT of money.

The key is to deliver content that your audience really wants to see. For business owners, they want to walk away from your webinar with something actionable, something that they can apply to their own business.

You don’t have to show them how to rank in google overnight, you don’t have to confuse them with SEO talk, it could be as simply as showing them the door to internet success. Just SHOWING (that is the keyword) how possible it is to use the internet to make more money for their business.

If you want to know the exact outline that we use to create our webinars, check this out:

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The Super Secret Closer Method

Now I want to fulfill the promise that I made at the very beginning of this post. I want to turn you into a closing machine and have you feel confident that you can and will make a good amount of sales moving forward. Here is my secret:

This was taught to me by someone who learned it from someone who read it in a book at a seminar on a webinar etc. etc.

I don’t know its original source, I just know it works.

In your conversations with your prospect, at some point you need to ASK FOR THE SALE.

The key is that you ASK for it. They are NOT going to ask YOU when they can hand over their money. YOU have to do it.

Here is how…

When your prospect is getting excited about the potential of your service or your offer or maybe just even about you, tell them the following:

Summarize who you are.

Tell them what you do.

Tell them what you can do for them and that you would like to do that for them.

Then ask this one powerful question:

“So, what do you think?”


You are trying to sell this SEO stuff to Mr. Plumber.

You are on the phone talking about how great the internet is and blah, blah, blah.

Then you realize he is starting to sound excited. So you say:

“Mr. Plumber.

I love working with small businesses like yours. This is why I gave up my teaching career to work with people just like you.

I am very good at SEO and have all the knowledge that is necessary to help you today.

I want to take your website from the last page of Google to the very first and start getting your phone ringing.

What do you think about us doing that together?”

That’s it.

That is how you can close like a 20 year pro.

But Mike, These Aren’t Very Aggressive Closing Strategies! I Thought You Were Going To Show Me How To Sell Better Than A 20 Year Vet! 


I have been fortunate in my short career to have been close to a few of these “old timers”. Each and everyone of them taught me the same thing:

Don’t force a sale. It NEVER turns out good.

Sales isn’t hunting. It is fishing.

If they don’t bite, you don’t jump out of the boat, you just go to a better spot.

You are simply trying to match your offer with someone else’s need.

Much of marketing and advertising today is about “creating need” or pointing out “pain points”. Screw that. All that turns into is disappointment and resentment in the end.

There are plenty of people out there DYING for your services. Don’t waste your time trying to make someone do something that they don’t want to. Connect with people that like you and you will be making money AND having a good time.



You made it – we are finished!

Now you know exactly how to get emergency cash. I can’t think of a more simple way (that actually works) than what we have talked about the past two days.

Please share these methods with others and get out and actually start DOING this!