3 New Clients In 10 Days Using Free Linkedin Methods

I love Linkedin.

It is my new favorite.

I get messages like this on a daily basis now:


Linkedin Is A Goldmine

You and I know that Linkedin is awesome. Average user is wealthy, a decision maker and heavily involved in growing the business that they are involved with.

But hardly anyone knows how to actually use it.

Now that Linkedin Answers are gone – even less people are using it effectively.

I am going to show you how I was able to go from 0 to 3 clients in an entirely NEW niche in a NEW industry selling a NEW service.

In other words, I didn’t use any of my resources EXCEPT my knowledge of how Linkedin works – and now you should be able to replicate the same.

Linkedin Success Part 1 – Your Landing Page

The very first thing that you need to do is fill your profile out. I mean FILL IT OUT! Put something in each and every one of the suggested areas that Linkedin asks.

I saw a few profiles recently that made you wonder if the person was still alive or not. The profile was SPARSE!

At this point you don’t have to worry too much about whether your profile is pretty or not – mine is terrible (My Profile) – but I still managed to land 3 new deals.

Don’t overcomplicate this thing – just give it a try.

Go ahead and fill your Linkedin profile out complete – then jump back here for the money making stuff!

Linkedin Success Part 2 – Your Rankings

Believe it or not, you can RANK in Linkedin – and more importantly – you can rank within SECONDS on Linkedin.

How do you do this? You stuff keywords.

I know, I know…

It isn’t pretty.

It isn’t long-term.

It isn’t the “best” thing to do.

But it works. And REALLY, REALLY well!

Here is how you do it:

Step 1. Choose a keyword or two to target.

Step 2. In the “Summary” section on your profile – at the bottom – list your “specialties” like I have done on my profile with your keyword in there as many times as you can (for me it was copywriting):

specialitsStep 3. Put your Keyword in the titles of your past experiences. You don’t have to put JUST your keyword, look at what I did:



Step 4. Wherever you can, put your keyword in the profile – take a look at my profile to see what I mean (My Profile).

Step 5. Whenever you get a recommendation, be sure to ask that your keyword is written in the recommendation itself.

That is it!

Test It Out

Now, what I want you to do is test it out RIGHT NOW! So that you can have an EXPERIENCE and believe it yourself. This will give you power to actually DO IT!

And you only make money when you DO IT!

Here is what you do to test this:

Step 1. Search for your keyword in the Linkedin search bar (make sure it is set to “people”).

Step 2. See if you come up at all on the first page and see what the top ranking profiles look like.

Step 3. Use the CRT + F (the search page function on your computer) to count how many times the keyword comes up on the person who is ranked #1 for your keyword. Note this number.

Step 4. Create a new experience position on your profile – make sure that you put it at the very bottom of your profile (to do this you simply date it BEFORE all of your other stuff). Then keyword stuff the experience like this:

keywordstuffStep 5. Go back to the search function in Linkedin and re-search your keyword (make sure you are searching people). And watch your face pop up on the front page.

I would recommend playing around with this for a bit.

The screenshot that you see above got me ranking #2 for copywriting, but then I realized it made my page look REALLY stuffed with keywords so I took it off and I jumped back to #4 or #5. It will all depend on how creative you can get in getting those keywords in there and still making your profile look awesome.


I recommend that you play around with your profile to come up with creative ways to hide the stuffing. I don’t like how mine looks right now and I know that it is turning potential clients off – but I ALSO KNOW that it only took me about 45 minutes and 10 days later I had 3 new clients – WHO CONTACTED ME!

I am not a person who promotes timid living.

The Stats

You might be wondering what my stats ended up being – and I would be MORE than happy to share those stats with you:

On average, I am now coming up in search results (meaning the first page) almost 100 times per day.

My profile is viewed (on average since the new change) 30+ times per day.

I get a message from prospects asking about my services at least once per day.

I have done a bit more research and I am not only ranking for copywriting, but for several other keywords as well.

Go Forth And Do It

I now turn it over to you – to go out there and start DOING this stuff so that you can be successful too.

This certainly isn’t the “Complete Guide To Linkedin Training” – if you want that I recommend picking up this little number:


Nonetheless – you should be able to take what I taught you today and start making money – at least start generating leads – as soon as tomorrow.

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend and don’t forget to share this post and tweet it and all that good stuff.


To your success!





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  1. Aaron

    Hey Mike – I just went through this awesome little nugget of an email, and it looks like I’m ranking in the top 3 (actually #2) for my keyword and others. And this is out of 300,000 results too. Not only that but my profile looks a lot better. Thanks for the great tip, looking forward to seeing the results.

  2. Will

    Just used this idea and am ranked 1 for a seo related term that will really help me land new clients thanks Mike. This was an awesome blog post.

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