Emergency Cash Solution – Part 1

Sometimes in life you just need a chunk o’ change to get something done.

It doesn’t mean that you have to do that thing forever, it doesn’t mean that you now ARE that thing, you just do it a few times to make some cash so you can move onto your passion project (like my most recent one) or to get out of a hole.

Typically what happens is you jump online to try and find a solution. You hit up the forum, one of the 10 dozen guides you purchased in the past 2 months or from someone’s blog (like this one).

After about 5 minutes your brain is swirling as the crunch from the stress of the cash needs collides dramatically with your brain’s need for higher level processing of the massive amount of information that you are consuming.

If you are like me – this usually happens at about 2 a.m.


If You Need Cash Just Read This

The purpose of this post (and the succeeding posts that will be part of this series) is to give you one final solution. This is a plug n’ play type situation here people.

Read this post.

Do it.

Then do it again until you have the money that you need.

There is no need to get crazy and come up with some insane and overly complex system for doing this. We aren’t trying to sell WSOs here – we just need some money.

We are operating with the K.I.S.S. mentality and that is a good thing. This is just our emergency cash solution – NOT our dream project.

(read here about the importance of doing what you like)

Are you ready?

Let’s do this.

The First Step – Service Selection 

The fastest way to making money that I know of is to offer services to people.

The fastest way to get yourself overwhelmed is to provide the services yourself.

This means that we will be selling services but NOT providing them – we are simply going to be the middleman for this.

Remember, all we need is some seed money, we aren’t trying to build an entire company here. The less involved you make yourself the better.

We don’t need to select a vertical beyond “small business” and we don’t need to create logos or even have a decent website.

If you have a domain great – a simple free wordpress theme would work fine for this.

Again, don’t over-complicate this process (I will say this 28.4 more times in this post until you realize I mean it).

All you need to do is find some services that you can flip easily. You are simply going to be the sales person and take your commission. If nothing else, this process will teach you how to sell well – you might even be surprised how good you actually are at selling!

Services I Recommend

For our emergency cash solution, I recommend that you sell SEO. Yes, I realize that in the past I have said that I am walking away from doing SEO – but that is simply because I did it 100% in-house and I had struggles keeping costs justifiably low as Google kept increasing demands for 1st page rankings. I am not giving up on SEO itself, just doing it 100% on my own.

That doesn’t mean selling SEO isn’t profitable, it doesn’t mean that SEO is dead – it just means we need to find someone who has found a less expensive way to do SEO and flip it.

Doing SEO for others is fantastic for a few reasons:

#1 – You will be building a client base that you can upsell your dream projects to.

#2 – You get paid upfront.

#3 – Everyone needs it. I mean EVERYONE (Even and especially me).

#4 – If you can sell SEO (which you can) you can sell anything.

Feel free to look around the web at white label SEO providers and such, but I recommend that you take one of the following paths:

Path #1 – Outsource This To John Moore

John Moore is an SEO giant and one of the few people that I trust with SEO knowledge (the other is Becker from Sourcewave).

Luckily for us he is selling a very nice package for very little here – John Moore SEO

Now, his services are about $125/month. I would charge AT LEAST $250/month for this when we flip it. Trust me, people will pay that (and much more).

Path #2 – DIY With Software

I do NOT recommend that you try and create complex link building strategies and buy tons of tools. If you absolutely want to do it yourself, then pick up this bit of software and run monthly campaigns  This would allow you to charge less since you are only paying for the software but it would eat at your brain space.

Whenever I do this, I just want something that I can SELL not something that I can DO. I need less things to DO and more things to SELL so I personally opt for outsourcing it to a provider, but that is entirely up to you. Either way, just make sure the job gets done.

Bonus: I HIGHLY recommend that you check these guys out to make your life MUCH easier:

Keyword Research Service

When you start selling SEO what you can do is have these guys do some research for you and come back with a TON of keywords, then simply sell as many of those keywords as you can. Say you charge $250/month for 2 keywords. Having a list of 100 keywords to show your client shows them EXACTLY how much they could be missing out on if they hire you for ONLY 2 keywords.

Nice little bonus tip there for you to get more out of your clients.

The Second Step – Lead Generation

Ok, so now we know what we are going to sell (SEO). We know how much we are going to sell it for ($250/month). Now we just need to figure out WHO we are going to sell it to.

There are a few ways that we can do this:

Path #1 – Hire A VA To Scrape Google

Yesterday I released my Rolodex of service providers (Check it out here) and I gave you a few leads for good VAs. Now let’s put them to use.

All you need your VA to do is create a Google spreadsheet.

Then, have them go to the second page of Google for a local search term (such as “portland plumbers) and start pulling the emails for the websites and housing them in your Google spreadsheet.

After a very short time you should have hundreds of emails ready to go.

Path #2 – Pick Up My Scraper

Alternatively you could pick up my craigslist scraper that does just that, but it pulls from craigslist – in other words it gets emails from businesses that are ACTIVELY trying to advertise their business.

You can get that here. 

Path #3 – Pick Up Some Other Scraper

There are plenty of scrapers on the market that are more robust than my craigslist scraper and having someone scrape Google. They are a bit more expensive, but well worth the price in my opinion. The only thing that your scraper NEEDS to do is be able to export emails – that is what we will be using.

Once you have your list of emails in place, we can move on to the next step – FISHING!

The Third Step – Fishing

This is where we start really DOING. The more time you spend doing this part, the more money you are going to be making. Plain and simple.

The key to fishing is picking a good spot and having the right pole.

To pick the right spot in selling SEO, you just need to target companies that have a lot to gain from visibility – most people instantly jump to dentists and lawyers, but there are plenty of companies out there that would make MORE than $250/month if they were ranking on the front page of Google for their services or products so don’t over-complicate this part – by the very nature of what you are selling you are in a good spot.

The right pole is where things are going to either go really well for you – or bomb horribly…

In this sense, the pole is our prospecting email that we will be sending out. A poorly crafted email will stop you dead in your tracks. Nobody will open it, nobody will click on it and nobody will buy.

I thought about spending a few hours crafting a “how to write the perfect email” post, but I will save that for later. Instead, I will just give you my email templates that you can literally plug n’ play – you will need to change a few things around because we were using these ones for reputation management – so a little editing will be necessary but they are yours to have and use!

Simply tap one of those buttons below and get the direct download link for the templates:

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Alternatively, I really like Bruce Newmedia’s templates that he is selling here his product has a few more tools than I am offering here but you should be good with just the templates I am providing.

The Next Step Is Tomorrow

We have covered the basic lead generation and business set up steps for you to use and provided a few tools. Tomorrow I am going to be sharing with you the absolute BEST way to actually get these people to sign up for your services (Part 2 – closing) and then Part 3 of this series is going to be about transitioning from this “Emergency cash mode” to a full blown 6 figure a year business. It is going to be good.

As always, please don’t forget to share this page with others and pass this information along.

To your success!


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