Let’s Do This. 

How This Post Will Correct All Your Mistakes In Less Than 30 Minutes

Ok. Time for a little therapy…



Answer these following questions:

1) I Feel Like A Control Freak

a. All of the time.

b. Every single day.

c. Give me the keyboard, I will type the questions.

2) I Feel Like I Am About To Burn Out

a. zzzzzzzzzz…. what?

b. Can I schedule in a time for us to chat about that?

c. I. Can’t. Take. It. Anymore!!!

3) I Have Realized That I Need Help


b. Nobody can help me.

c. Yes!


Ok, so this was a bad joke – but the fact of the matter is that you probably found at least SOME of those answers to be true.

That needs to be fixed.

Below you will find ALL of the providers that I have used, can recommend and would HIGHLY suggest that you start using. They will save you money, time and drastically increase your bottom line. Knowing that someone else is getting the job done can greatly increase the satisfaction that you get from running your own business.

They are also great service providers. In other words, they know how to take care of you BEYOND just providing the service and that is more than anyone can ask for.

My List Of Awesome People

Virtual Assistants/Customer Support

Faith Spradling – Customer Support

I can’t say enough good things about Faith. She is hard working, a bright smile and more loyal than the mob. I have had to cut back her hours recently due to the fiasco my SEO manager has put me in, so I would love for those of you on the fence thinking about hiring a VA – to contact her. She is AWESOME.

Jennylyn Garcia – General VA

You give Jennylyn a task, and she is off to the races. I loved working with her because I NEVER had to hold her hand. Stuff like scraping contact details for lead gen, doing link building etc. she is the BEST! Again, I have had to reduce her work hours, so I would love to try and help her out.


Enrico Bobier – Designer

I don’t know why, but ever since I got online I wanted to be able to hire a full-time designer. I probably went through 20 different designers (that would be a conservative estimate) before I finally found Enrico. This guy is the MAN! Hard working, fast and doesn’t need you to hold his hand. I wish that I didn’t have to reduce his hours, but I do and that means you get to benefit from him! If you need ANYTHING designed, this guy is your go to man. I had this entire site designed for less than $30.

Techy Tiff – Tech Support 

Tiffany is actually a brand new find for me – but OMG she is a lifesaver! I needed the entire craigslist scraper updated and she did it in 2 hours for less than $25 bucks. I can tell you from experience, you can’t find that kind of tech support ANYWHERE! And she is super versatile – she can do everything from coding websites to doing fixes in software programs. If you need a quick tech thing solved, give her a ring (or send her a message).


Lina Duarte-Aristizabal – American Writer

Lina was great – we had her pumping out BORING articles 40 hours per week and she was right there keeping up and not complaining. The great thing about her is that she isn’t afraid to do a little bit extra – like uploading the content, coming up with content ideas etc. Her college education is actually in writing so you know she knows what she is doing.

Elena Shella Villamor – Pinay Writer

Elena is awesome! I don’t know where she learned her english, but her articles are darn near Lina’s level. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.


Either do this yourself OR hire this guy:

John Moore’s Service

(Secret time – We are testing this software with brand new sites and are seeing some promise – Backlink Beast)

Project Management


Asana is by far my favorite project management software, just because it is free and can do nearly everything that Basecamp can do. If you combine Asana with a Google calendar, you essentially have all of the useful functionality of Basecamp for free.

Zoho CRM

I wasn’t sure where to put this in the list, but essentially this is a free CRM solution where you can keep track of all of your clients. It is SUPER useful when it comes to tracking clients, knowing when to close and ESPECIALLY useful if you picked up these guides on how to recruit a commission only sales force:

OFFLINE Phone Force

Commission Only Sales Recruitment Made Quick & Easy

Best Guides For Getting Clients Quick And Easy

I already mentioned the commission only sales recruitment guides above.

Here are some of my other favorites:


I just want through a pretty fierce re-branding and using Linkedinfluence I have 3 new clients under the NEW branding within a week. Start learning from people who actually do and know what they are talking about. The author of this guide is legit.

The 60-Second Sales Hook

You don’t need to buy the whole course if you don’t want, but just getting the free training is going to put you above and beyond your competitors.

(I will add more courses to this section as I find and implement them. The two that I have listed here are once that I actually purchased with no intent of promoting, tested myself and have had success with. Check back for more to come.)

Looking For Less Expensive Outsourcing Options?

Sometimes you just need a quick one-off and you don’t want to deal with the hiring process. For that I have shared my master spreadsheet of Warrior Forum offerings and Fiverr gigs.

The Master Spreadsheet

So there you have it! Go out there, hire these people and quit stressing yourself out so much! All you need to do is set up the system, plug these people in and they will literally make money for you while you sleep/go do other fun stuff.

To your success!

P.S. Please don’t forget to share this post with others. You never know who you are going to be able to help by simply sharing.

P.P.S. What sorts of service providers would you like recommendations for? I certainly have plenty more people that I work with – let me know in the comments below and I will add those to this list.