The “Ritual Promise” Is A Lie

This is the promise:

Step 1. Set up a routine/plan/template.

Step 2. The more detailed the better.

Step 3. Do it the same way everyday.

Step 4. Profit/rise to the top.

This is a lie.

Here’s why:

#1. You Aren’t A Machine

In case you need it, consider this the “permission” you seek to use your own brain power to grow your business your way.

You aren’t a machine. Perfection isn’t real/attainable.

Give yourself a break.

#2. Because Of Your Non-Machine-ness Your Rigid Routine Is Killing You Slowly

It’s destroying your creativity (read: ability to adapt to market changes).

It’s causing you to become rigid (which is bad for business).

It sucks the fun out of life (which is even worse for business).

#3. Nobody Actually Does It

People who claim that the “Ritual Promise” is the high and holy order to greatness are suffering from a severe case of survivor-bias (look it up).

And in this week’s episode of Trash That Ad I’m going to prove it to you by picking apart some of the best ads EVER from one of the greatest copywriters EVER… just to show you that even HE didn’t follow his own “Ritual Promises” that he made to others.

If you buy into the “Copywriting Template” hype… you are gonna hate this episode. But if you tune in, it’s gonna free you from the chains of “template-dome” that bind you (and are probably killing your conversions).

In this show we’ll cover:

+ Why 99% of headline advice is misleading (and potentially ruining your sales pages)

+ How one of the most successful Rolls Royce ads ever beat everyone… once the writer bucked his own “Ritual Promise”…

+ The reality behind copy/paste copywriting and what you need to know to prevent yourself from making these newbie mistakes

+ And much, much more…

Check your email on Friday for Episode 2 of the Trash That Ad series.

And be sure to bring a notepad and pen. This is gonna blow your mind.

To your success,