The Email That I Sent To My Team This Morning… A Must Read

My team is growing like crazy, and part of my responsibilities with this new team is to make sure and set the tone/create the culture that I want my company to be all about.

In that effort, I sent this message to my team:

“I think we all need a little reminder of who the boss is around here.

Who pays the checks.

And it isn’t Chase.

It isn’t Peter.

It isn’t Misty.

And it isn’t me.

Sure, I’m the one who processes your weekly payments, but it’s not MY MONEY that ends up hitting your bank account in the end.

It’s the client’s.

You get paid each and every week because someone saw an ad, read a sales letter, and decided to take money out of THEIR pocket and give it to this business.

And that’s the truth. That’s the reality of what we’re doing here.

Your boss is the client.

My boss is the client.

My job is to help you work for your boss as best as you possibly can.

It’s the same job that Chase and Peter have.

It’s the same job that Misty has.

You don’t work for me.

We all work for the client.”

Sometimes it can be easy to forget when you start your own business… Yeah sure, you don’t have one boss anymore… I’m free!

But the truth is… now you have hundreds (hopefully) of bosses.

Customers, clients, prospects etc.

And if you listen to them, they will tell you EXACTLY what you need to do to earn their money/respect/trust/recommendation.


Not easy.

But simple.

Tomorrow I’m going to be releasing another Episode of the Trash That Ad series and we are going to talk about this very thing at length:

Listening hard enough to make good money.

Check your inbox tomorrow for when I upload the video.

To your success,