You Need To Listen To This Failed Farmer/Chef’s Apprentice/Social Worker Burn-Out/College Drop Out…

David Ogilvy is a name you probably recognize.

And if you haven’t heard of Mr. Ogilvy before, do yourself and your business a favor and buy his book “Ogilvy On Advertising”.


Not only is it a fun read, but it makes you money. Which is even more fun.

(Dang, all this talk makes me want to dust off my copy of “Ogilvy On Advertising” and settle in for another reading!)

Anyway, back to our story …

Although David Ogilvy is remembered today as a marketing legend, he didn’t exactly burst out of the gates and zoom towards success.

In fact, by all outward appearances Ogilvy was, well, a loser until nearly his 40th birthday.

How’s this for a sparkling resume:

• Expelled from Oxford’s Christ Church College in 1931 because he couldn’t be bothered to attend classes

• Served as a social worker, chef’s apprentice and door-to-door salesman as he wandered from one part-time job to the next

• Moved from England to Pennsylvania and started a tobacco farm – which failed miserably

With only $6,000 to his name, no contacts or credentials to speak of, and nothing but failures behind him, Ogilvy decided to open an advertising agency.

Fast forward 30 years to 1975.

This failed farmer is recognized as an advertising icon, he’s made his clients many millions of dollars, and he’s bought himself a 14th-century French chateau (basically a mansion way out in France’s wine country) as a retirement gift.

Here’s a bit of advice from Mr. Ogilvy that you can use to sell more of your offer:

“You can’t bore people into buying your product. You can only interest them into buying it.”

Here is a lesson to last you a lifetime:

Prospects refuse to be bored in print.

If your emails, web copy or sales page fail to engage and entertain, then you’ve got about as much chance of making the sale as a fish does of riding a bicycle.

Not gonna happen, compadre.

But, if your sales copy captivates your prospects, if it hooks ’em from the headline and leads ’em all the way to your offer, if it connects your product to their passion, then YOU might be the one retiring to a French chateau.

Interest more people into buying your product by grabbing some fresh, captivating sales copy here:

To your success,


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