Drooling Zombies, Playing Pretend, And Mind Reading Software

Drool flecked at the corners of his mouth.

His eyes crazed with excitement and hunger.

Arms grasping and grabbing in my direction.

In less than 24 hours a horde of zombies (along with werewolves, ghosts, princesses, pirates, ninjas and more) will gather on my front porch.

A scene out of the next “Hellboy” film?



I’ve got bags of teeth-rotting candy ready to go (name brands, none of that off-brand nonsense) and I’m fully prepared to spend one evening as the most popular adult on the street.

You’ve dressed up for Halloween, right?

Most of us have at some point in our lives – whether as kids or adults.

Nothin’ wrong with bustin’ out a crazy costume on Halloween.

But let me ask …

Are You Playing Dress Up
With Your Prospects?

It’s easy to do.

It starts when we let success-destroying demons of fear and doubt whisper wicked lies in our brain like:

• I’m not ready …
• My offer isn’t any good …
• No one wants to hear what I have to say …
• Why would anyone buy from me?

Our veins ice over with fear. Our confidence wilts like a daisy in the Arizona desert.

And instead of proudly sharing what we have to offer, we play dress up.

Joe Guru launches a new product – we crib his sales page.

Jane Big Wig dominates her market – we create a copycat offer.

We don’t trust our own voice, our own idea, our own offer, our own unique contribution.

We let fear run the show.

But fear doesn’t need to be a bad thing.
It tells you you’re headed in the right direction.

You are the ONLY person who can share your particular gifts and talents with the world.

Why try and squeeze your mojo into someone else’s clothes?

Am I saying you need to bang out one brand spankin’ unique offer after another?

Not at all.

In fact, the fastest road to success is to look at what works and use that as your point of inspiration. We’re all building on the backs of giants.

What I’m saying is, have the courage to make an authentic contribution to your market.

Don’t copy the guru du jour – be yourself.

That’s who the world is waiting for.

To your success,


P.S. – Over the years I’ve gotten pretty good at crafting copy that not only resonates with your prospects, but also brings your unique voice to your market. How do I do it? Mind-reading software. Just kidding. (Although I’m sure my wife wishes I had access to mind-reading software …)

Actually, I use a proprietary Client Interview Form that gives me something like X-ray vision into your offer and your ideal prospect. It’s a simple but powerful tool that ensures you get killer copy at an amazing value. If you’d like to see how it works join me at http://www.freelancecopywritermike.com/