It’s Time To Rethink The Oldest And Most Hated Profession In The World…

If you engage in this profession (either as a provider or receiver) you can expect to get called names like: “Loser” “Slimy” “Dirty” “Primary reason for all of society’s problems” And a whole host of other uninformed, delusional, and idiotic phrases/names/insults. However, (and perhaps this is the real reason WHY this profession is hated) if… Continue reading

Monday Rant

#1. I love my clients/customers. I really do. #2. I love when you guys contact me to ask for advice/tips. It is truly flattering and motivates me to work even harder. But… Please, please, please stop asking me this question: “What is the minimum I have to do to make X amount of dollars?” Please…. Continue reading

Skunk Lady Exposes “Marketing Complexity”

Social media. SEO. Direct Mail. Media Buys. Email. Content Marketing. Shall I continue? There seems to be this idea floating out there in the Internet marketing world that Complexity = Success. “Multi-channel marketing or die.” Ha! I can’t think of worse advice for the yet-to-be-successful than “diversification of your marketing channels”. Forget that. Instead, what… Continue reading