The Ultimate Guide To Getting Clients Using Facebook


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Got $20?

Want to get a client?

Then let’s go!

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Step #1: Grab Them UIDs!

In this method we are going to be using ULTRA targeting methods to find our dream clients, get them to your website (using a sneaky little trick that will cut ad costs in half) and ultimately to get them to sign up to your service!

The first thing that you need to do is pick a niche, pick a city and start doing some manual labor.

You can, of course, outsource this part, as it is really tedious.

But here you go:

Find The Business

First, run a Google search for your dream audience. I want to work with some bakeris in Portland (trade for free fresh bread). Here was my search:





Next, find about 20 – 30 websites of bakeries that look like they could use your help.

If you are doing SEO, jump straight to the 3rd and 4th page to start your search.

If you are doing Rep Management, chase the bad reviews and look for prospective clients there.

If you are doing lead gen – any website will work.

Web design? Well, I am sure you have an eye for bad design, so look for the ugly sites.

Find The Decision Maker’s Name

The next thing that you want to do is search through their “Staff” information. Try and find the owner, the co-owner or even the names of the people running the franchise.

You NEED to find the name of the decision maker.

Accountants, dentists, lawyers, contractors etc. are really easy to find online. Many of their businesses are just their name plus “whatever they do”. Take the time to find the right people – it will pay off in the end.

This might take a while, but trust me – it sure beats cold calling.

Go ahead and compile those names into a spreadsheet, like I did:


 Once you have this list of names, there are only two more steps for the manual labor part and you will have your ad up and running in now time.

Find Them On Facebook

This is the hardest and most frustrating part of the entire operation, but bear with me and you will see how amazing this really is.

All you have to do is go to Facebook, type in their name and try to find them. No secrets here.

Again, I would outsource this if you could.


Grab Their UID

Once you have found someone, you will need to grab their UID.

Their UID is just Facebook’s fancy way of tracking each profile using numbers – it makes their life way easier – and alternatively it allows us to get really targeted ads.

Here is how you grab someone’s UID:

Simply click on their profile.

Then grab their profile URL.


And paste that URL into this machine ->

You should get a numeric sequence spat back at you.

Take this mumbo jumbo and put it into a spreadsheet. Keep doing this for all 20 – 30 businesses you are trying to target, until you have something that looks like this:


You do need to save this Excel file as a .csv – otherwise you won’t be able to use it later on – which we need.

Now we are ready to rock and roll with the next and final step!

Step #2: Build That Ad!

The first thing that you need for this to work is access to the Facebook Power Editor.

It took me forever to figure out how to set this thing up – but that was because I didn’t know that they had a FAQ.

So here you go:

How To Set Up The Power Editor In Facebook

Once you have that all set up, we are going to create something called a “custom audience”.

Create Your Custom Audience

Log into your Power Editor.

Then click on “Audiences” in the left hand side:


Then click “Create Audience” at the upper left:


Then of course, go ahead and click on “Custom Audience”.

That will bring up this bad boy:


Go ahead and name your audience whatever you like. I will name mine “Bakeries in Portland”.

If you offer multiple services, I highly recommend that you segment this targeting even deeper. Perhaps for now you will simple create this audience as “Bakeries in Portland SEO”, then you can go back and make another list for rep management or lead gen or whatever you are going to be doing.

Go ahead and fill out the description for your own record keeping and then pay careful attention to the next steps:

Choose a file from your hard drive.

The file that you will be choosing is the same file that you made in Excel with all of the UIDs. Remember this one?


Once it loads, click on the radio button for Type: “UIDs” like this:

uidsradiobuttonThen simply hit “Create”!


It takes time for Facebook to actually create your custom audience for you. Be sure that your audience has fully completed loading before you move on to these next steps.

Before moving on, now is probably a good time to take a break and watch human beings being incredible towards one another:



Ok. Go wipe your eyes and get back here because we are going to create our ad, turn it on and let the good times roll!

Create The Ad

You are probably already familiar with how to create a Facebook Ad, so I won’t bore you with the details on how to do that (Learn more about that here) – I just want to show you how to use your custom audience and a few tips and tricks to getting more for less money.

Build your ad like normal, but the thing that you want to do now that is different than most of your ads is to bring in your custom audience.

To do that, simply scroll beneath “Broad Categories” and once your custom audience is approved, you should see something that says “Custom Audiences” and you can choose from one of your creations.

For privacy reasons I have decided not to share that screenshot with you – but it is right underneath this part of your ad creation options:


And that is all there is to it!

Simply finish creating your ad like you normally would, but instead of using the traditional means of targeting – you ONLY use your custom audience that you created by finding local companies and grabbing their UIDs to target them.

This is a VERY effective way to get in front of your dream clients – and I HIGHLY recommend that you spend some time being picky about who you put into your custom audience. With this capability, you really have no reason why you shouldn’t be working with the type of people that you WANT to work with and charging what you WANT to charge.

Want to work with rich people? Then target them with their UID.

Want to work with non-profits? Then target them with their UID.


Here are some bonus tips to make this method really sing.

Bonus Tip #1:

Want to get ridiculously cheap prices on your ads?

Then use CPC.

“But Mike! CPC is so expensive for B2B ads. Every time they click it is like $5!”

Then don’t encourage the viewer of the ad to click.

Try this instead:

For the copy of your ad, instead of saying the usual:

“Click here for more information”

Put your phone number in the ad. Say:

“Call 888-888-8888 for a free back rub”


You can say:

“Go to to learn how to take over the world”

You are paying for CPC – so your ad is getting displayed – but you are having people take action without necessarily clicking your ad.

Your call to action doesn’t HAVE to be for them to click anything.

If you do this method, then you can bid higher on the CPC which will expose you to more people. Just be sure to keep track of everything and don’t let the ads run away from you.

Bonus Tip #2:

If you really want to get someone’s attention – here is a little trick I learned from the great Dr. Ben Adkins – a super hero when it comes to FB ads.

First, you simply create custom audiences of just one person at a time.

Then, create a video on your Facebook page where you actually SPEAK TO THE BUSINESS OWNER offering some helpful suggestions regarding whatever you are trying to sell.

Then, instead of running a regular ad, run a promoted post to that single person.

When they log into Facebook they are going to see a promoted post that says:

“Hey Mike Shreeve. I made this video for you talking about how you can lose that belly fat.”

And then you have a custom made video where you actually mention their name and bam! the rest is history.

Bonus Tip #3:

You can also use this method for lead generation and selling leads.

B2B leads sell for TONs more than B2C.

So why not play the middle man using my CPC trick and send people to get a free report or just slap up your call tracking phone number on the ad and make it work that way.

You could then even use FB ads – utilizing the same principles to sell those leads to qualified buyers – maybe even using bonus tip #2.

The possibilities really are endless.

Want More Facebook Client Getting Goodness?

If you want to become a FB guru, then I HIGHLY recommend that you check out this course:

Facebook Influence 2.0

Otherwise, keep checking back to this blog for more freebie goodness and insights from a regular guy just trying to make an honest living.

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5 Comments The Ultimate Guide To Getting Clients Using Facebook

  1. Casandra

    Awesome post, Mike! I had no idea you could target specific people with Facebook ads. This will be interesting to play with.

    1. Michael Shreeve

      Isn’t it so cool?

      You can also use it to gain publicity and even to build links.

      You can target other bloggers, journalists, people you want to JV with, affiliates etc.

      The oppourtunities really are endless.

  2. Gary Fitzpatrick

    Thank you for the excellent information! One question about your comment “Then don’t encourage the viewer of the ad to click”: Does Facebook penalize for a low click through rate like Google does with Adwords?

    1. Michael Shreeve

      Good point.

      They might penalize a little bit – but I haven’t noticed it happening with the ads I am running.

      As a matter of fact, I still will get a decent click-through on the ads – what makes them so much cheaper than traditional CPC ads is that people are acting on your ads WITHOUT clicking.

      I would recommend setting up redirect URLs (for tracking) or tracking phone numbers (or even a tracking email address) – that way you can take that data and mix it with your data from the clicks you are getting on FB.

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