My Secret System For Outsourcing Video Creation

I want to show you a few tips and tricks to creating pro level videos (the types of videos that Warriors are going to charge you $100/minute to create on the Warrior Forum) that I have learned over time whenever I needed a quick and easy video to upload and start getting traffic.

Let’s break down how are going to create each of these videos:

HD Stock Footage Voiceover

This videos going to be our crème de la crème of our outsourced videos. The HD stock footage voice over video is going to be the video that we set as the primary video in our YouTube channel.

In order to get ourselves very inexpensive HD stock footage we want to go to my favorite resource for video creation:

Getting The Stock Footage

The kind of stock footage that we want to look for is a kind of footage that you might find in a typical commercial for our specific niche. If you look at the top of the video hive website you’ll find they have an entire section devoted to stock footage. Take a look around there and see if you can’t find anything that might work for your niche.

As you go about selecting the different stock footage options, try to keep in mind what your commercial might look like. What angle are we going to attack this video from? For this example, I’m going to use the angle of frustrated business owners not having enough time to do their own accounting work. Or frustrated taxpayers tired of trying to do online taxes.

With this idea in mind I try and find some stock footage of some frustrated people, stock footage of people helping each other, and maybe some general business footage. Let’s see what we can find!

Okay, so this is what I found:

Footage #1

Footage #2

Footage #3

Footage #4

Footage #5

Footage #6

By watching the footage, and thinking about how to twist it into a story in which an accountant could use to promote his or her services, you can start to get an idea of what this might look like when it is all finished.

But don’t purchase the footage yet! We just want to have between 5 to 10 30 second clips of high definition stock footage that we can use to write a 30 to 45 second script and then outsource to a cheap video creator so that you can let the creative person choose which of the stock footage you should purchase and which you don’t necessarily need. This will allow them to match up your scripted voiceover with the good stock footage and create an amazing video.

Getting The Voice Over Done

Before you purchase the stock footage, and before we send the footage out our outsourcer, we need to get a script written to have a voiceover done. When we have a voiceover over this kind of stock footage reading an awesome script people are going to fall out of their chairs to check out more of your videos! This means cash in your pocket!

The best place to get high quality voiceovers for extremely low prices is Fiverr! There are some ridiculously high quality voiceovers on fiverr and since we are only creating 30 to 45 second video clips, it will only cost us five dollars for every voiceover that we get done!

Here is what I came up with for my 30 second script for accountants:

“Are you tired of never having a handle on your taxes? Are you concerned that your financial affairs are not in order and that your family will be put at risk when you pass on? If so, you need the assistance of a highly qualified expert accountant, one that cares for you and your financial well being. Give us call today to find out how we can help you feel… assured.”

Usually you will get the high quality guys and gals who will let you do 150-200 words for only $5. I see no reason to get a video any longer than that. This script is only 71 words and I think it is plenty. We just want people to watch the quick video and pick up that phone and dial because that is what we get paid to do!

Here are some of my favorite voice over champs:

There’s plenty of voiceover artists on fiverr, but these are just a few of my favorite. Most of the voiceover artists that you find on fiverr will also offer an extra gig for script writing themselves. There are a few of them out there that are pretty good but my experience has been that I do a better job and at five dollars you can’t really expect that much.

So once you have completed your script simply order one of the voiceover gigs and send in your script. The wait time is usually three days to sometimes up to 10 days, so you certainly want to plan ahead with this stuff.

Once you get your voice over back from the voiceover artist, we can move onto the next step we put the voiceover together with the stock footage to create our first video in a packet!


This is the fun part! Now we get to see our video come to life. There are many different routes to getting your video outsourced and edited properly, I will show you one way to outsource your video now with the HD stock footage video and then I’ll show you another way when we talk about the animated video because the editing needs are a little bit different.

I personally outsource all of my video editing to elance for doing the HD stock video footage video in the packet. Basically all you need to do is put up a quick free job posting that says you have a bunch of stock footage and a voiceover that you need put together into a finalized HD .mp4


Here is what I usually post for the job:

/*** Posting ***/

Job Title: Video Editor Needed – More work Down The Road

Hello Applicant,

My name is Mike Shreeve and I am in need of your video editing services!

I have several minutes of HD stock footage as well as a high quality Voice Over .mp3 that I would like combined into a short (30 – 45 sec) commercial type video.

I am looking for story telling elements and good use of movement. This video will be used for a professional accounting service, so professionalism will be very important as well.

Please apply with a portfolio.



/*** End Posting ***/


As long as you post this job between Monday and Thursday you should get about 20 or 30 people within 48 hours applying for this job. Personally, I don’t care where they are from as long as they have a strong portfolio I will hire them. I am more concerned with getting the job done right and on time then I am really about the cost.

This guy is my favorite video editor of all time however:

Anthony B.

Once you get your final draft back, you can upload it to your first Youtube account.


This is much cheaper and it is incredibly quick and easy to get finished. All you need to do is purchase two very inexpensive items and one simple editing job from an outsourcing pro and you will be finished with this one before you even know it!

The first thing that you need to purchase is a animated video from video hive. To find these videos simply click on the “After Effect Project Files” tab, then click on the “Popular Files” tab and you will see some great videos immediately! Here are a few examples that I found that we can use for our accountant:

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

At this point, all we need to do is select one of those three that we would like to use. Then, we need to find a title track to play over it and we can pick that up here:


            I would choose something like this for the animated videos we found (just need one video and one track):

Track #1

Track #2

Track #3

Once we have all of our material selected, single video with a single audio track, we can go ahead and contact your video outsourcer (I highly recommend Anthony) and he will edit the words of the animated video and add the music track and give us back an .mp4 file for easy upload to youtube.

One of the questions that you may be asking is what words do we put in the video? Well, since you are to do all the hard work with the script earlier, why not use that? You can add a few words here or there but essentially there is no need to add different words than what you are to have written the script from before.


This is by far the easiest video to create, then you could create these all day long because the entire thing is outsourced. All you have to do is go to and find a few people willing to do testimonials for a generic accounting firm, or whatever niche you decided to work in.

Some sellers on fiverr will do their own script for free, while others will require an extra gig. To be totally honest, at this point in the process I usually just pay the extra five dollars to have them create their own script. I just make sure that they know that it needs to be for a very generic accounting firm.

Here’s an example:

Video #1 Script

“The best thing about hiring an accountant is that, as a business owner, I just simply don’t have to worry about financial issues anymore. Hiring an accountant was probably the best business decision I’ve ever made, I have more free time spent with family, my books are in order and I’m making more money than it was before, and I know that my future is planned for.”

I am not lawyer, nor will I be held responsible for anything dumb that you do. Be careful that you don’t violate any FTC rules. Those guys don’t play around.

Here are my favorite Testimonial gigs:

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