Maybe this isn’t for you…

Here’s a bit of recent feedback from someone who submitted a short story today that I critiqued:

“Hey Mike,

The feedback gutted me, but that’s important. I’d rather get my game straight now, than finish another 150,000-word piece of work only to see it not sell lol


I feel pretty bad actually.

The last thing I want to do is become a roadblock to someone’s writing process.


Since I’m not charging, I’m not going to lie to you.

So, if you’re thinking of submitting a story, please keep this fact in mind.

Feedback is only helpful if it motivates you to write more.

Otherwise, it’s useless (and harmful).

Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it will be helpful to you specifically.

If you aren’t ready yet to get direct, honest, and specific feedback that’s ok.

I wrote and published for 6 months before I even hired a proofreader.

Now I hire the big name writing teachers to critique my work.

But I didn’t start out that way. I had to build up.

Anyways, if you want my brutal and honest opinion, I’m available to provide it for all stories under 5k words submitted by May 1st.

I’ve been loving the submissions I’ve received so far. Tons of great writing.

Keep writing,

Mike “The Red Pen” Shreeve

P.S. Not sure if you can write 5,000 words in the next 2 days?

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