[DECISION 2016] 90 Day Challenge Update

It’s update time:

As you know I’ve been tinkering with the idea of putting on a 90 day challenge for fiction.

Sent out a few emails, got some response, put together a plan, then…

… My dream job walked through my inbox and I couldn’t say ‘no’.

That was 3 weeks ago (wow! time flies when you’re working 70 hours a week).

I’m finally in a place where I can start this bad boy of a challenge up again.

Last week I put out feelers to hire a ghostwriter/co-writer. Couldn’t find anyone I was over-the-moon happy with.

PRO TIP: Only hire people who make you want to give them money. Otherwise, don’t hire them.

I was hoping that I could get some help on the prose side of things (the biggest time suck when it comes to actually creating and selling books), but all the samples I got back required some heavy editing (aka: wouldn’t have actually been helpful).

So, that means that I will be doing this 90 day challenge all by my lonesome. I will be outlining/creating story, writing prose, and marketing.

The only things I’ll be hiring out for will be editing and design.

Keep in mind that I’m working 60+ hours a week at this new “job” I have. Also, I have to travel 4 – 5 days per month as part of this gig.

It’s going to be a challenge. A real one.

But if a 65 year old can write a novel in 7 days while working a full-time job, I can probably make this work.

And even if I don’t, I guarantee someone who is following along will. And that’s really my end goal here. To help YOU.

So, to recap:

The challenge is on. Big time.

If you love hanging on to the excuse that you can’t become a writer because you “have a day job” then unsub right now. I’ll be working 60+ hours a week + traveling 4 – 5 days a month + my wife and I are having another kid in June + I run ultra-marathons (in heavy training right now) + I have to sleep somewhere in all that…

… and I’ll still be getting it all done. You’ll get to see how.

I will also be emailing every single day with updates/insights/strategies and more.

Tomorrow we’ll officially “start” and I’ll have some goodies for you.

For now, get excited and send some of that motivational love my way (I’m gonna need it).


Let’s do it.