[Day 21 of 90] What To Do If You Don’t Have Good (Or Any) Ideas

A professional writer is an idea dealer.

Pure ideas sell for more than tainted ones cut with other low grade ideas.

The worst thing that can happen to an idea dealer is that their supply run out.

Idea addicts (readers) have no loyalty to their dealers (the writer) only their supply (the ideas).

You want to be a big player in this game? You gotta specialize in ideas.

The key word here is: Nurture.

Ideas are habits.

Like a muscle.

If you aren’t purposefully and actively doing something to keep the idea machine alive, it will whither and die.

Watch this video:

Come up with 3 story ideas.

Use the sounds. The lyrics. The visuals.

Use everything.

(P.S. That’s the best advice on creativity I’ve ever been given. Use everything.)

Now watch this video:

3 ideas.

Now this one:

3 ideas.

Now this one:

3 ideas.

Now this one:

3 ideas.

And on and on and on.

I’ve just given you 5 sources for pure ideas.

You just came up with 15 potential story ideas.

Did it take you an hour?

One hour to create a years worth of stories.

Being an idea dealer isn’t hard. You just have to do it. You have to nurture your idea stash.

Use Youtube. Or don’t.

Use books. Movies. The wind on your face. That angry conversation you had with your sister yesterday. Whatever.

Use everything.

Use it all to keep your idea supply heavy and pure.

Your customers are waiting.

Mike “The Idea Kingpin” Shreeve

P.S. Today I wrote 0 words. I needed a break to restore my idea supply. So instead, I listened to music and played with my son.

Tomorrow will be a huge writing day. Guaranteed.